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Do you smell something unpleasant in your house? It might be your sewage system. Our odor detection services in the Friendswood, Texas, area can help you find a solution to that problem.


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Importance of Odor Removal

Do you smell something unpleasant in your house? It might be your sewage system. Our odor detection services in the Friendswood, Texas, area can help you find a solution to that problem.

Below are the reasons why it is important to hire a professional like Apex Water Restoration’s odor removal services:

Predicting when an unexpected visitor will arrive at your house is impossible. You may have grown accustomed to the smell. However, the odor might be too much for your guest to handle and make them uncomfortable. An expert in pipe repair in Friendswood, Texas, will be able to identify the source of sewer odors and resolve the problem.

If your sewer emits an offensive odor, it may be because wastewater enters your lawn or driveway through cracks in the driveway. Because of this, you should investigate the odor removal services we offer in Friendswood, Texas. The staff at Apex Water Restoration will have no trouble identifying the smell’s origin in a short amount of time.

A sewage backup may cause a putrid smell in a building. This obstruction may, over time, cause the pipe to either break or spring a leak. Suppose you hire the odor removal service offered by the pipe repair specialists at Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood, Texas. In that case, you can rest assured that your sewer line will continue functioning as it should.

An Evaluation of the Current State of Affairs

A reputable company specializing in odor removal will begin its process by analyzing the situation to locate the origin of the issue. This evaluation will include looking for signs of water damage, checking for gas leaks, and testing the air quality. Following the company’s identification of the cause of the issue, a strategy for its resolution will be formulated and implemented as soon as possible.

One thing we know is that water takes the path of least resistance. With that in mind, it’s important to do a thorough investigation of where water may be in your home. Many times we find water in places that a homeowner doesn’t expect. When that happens, we have to do a more in-depth assessment of the area to ensure that the damage is truly assessed and can be handled appropriately.

Elimination of the Smell

The removal of the odor itself is the next step to take. In most cases, this will require some combination of cleaning, sealing, and treatment of the areas that have been affected. The specific course of action will be determined by the extent of the problem and the nature of the component producing the offensive odor. For instance, if there is a sewage backup, it is highly unlikely that a simple cleaning job will suffice and will instead call for more extensive treatment.

Unfortunately water creeps into places that you may not realize. Doing a thorough examination is the only way to truly know what steps need to be taken.

Elimination of Future Odors

Once the current issue has been resolved, the next step is to ensure that it will not recur by taking measures to eliminate potential odor sources. It may involve fixing water leaks, repairing damaged pipes, or increasing ventilation in areas that have been impacted. The objective here is to eliminate any possible sources of offensive odors to maintain a pleasant and welcoming aroma in your place of business.

Unfortunately water creeps into places that you may not realize. Doing a thorough examination is the only way to truly know what steps need to be taken.


Apex Water Restoration

Benefits of Professional Water Damage Odor Removal Services

Property owners frequently experience odd odors occasionally. You can count on the specialists in odor removal and restoration. Homeowners may be unaware that lingering odors inside their homes are frequently indicators of much more serious issues in some instances.

Ignoring these odors might prevent further damage and put your family in danger. After a natural disaster, the team at Apex Water Restoration specializes in restoring damaged goods, rebuilding properties, and removing unpleasant odors from the affected areas.

Our superior deodorization services will purify the air in your home, making it safer for you and your loved ones to breathe once more by removing lingering odors and harmful pollutants. Many different things can cause odors inside buildings. The presence of offensive odors in an environment frequently indicates hidden health risks.

Spotting Foul Odors from Sewer Lines

The sewage resulting from problems with the plumbing and human waste is unsanitary and smelly. If the plumbing system in your home sustains significant damage, you may be forced to endure the unpleasant odor of urine and feces.

Not only are the odors from a sewer offensive and nauseating, but they also threaten one’s health because they can spread airborne pathogens, diseases, and viruses. Consequently, disruptions and ruptures in sewer lines call for immediate assistance from a professional.

Beware of Rotten Egg Smell

You almost certainly have a gas leak if you smell something like rotten eggs inside your home or business. Gas leaks are extremely hazardous and should never be ignored under any circumstances.

If you are concerned about your property’s safety, contact our experienced restoration team immediately. It will allow us to inspect your home and repair potential gas leaks before they harm your health and well-being.

Burning Plastic Smells

If you smell burning plastic, one of your home appliances may have an electrical or wiring issue requiring immediate attention. Because we have the necessary equipment, we can quickly know the problem and make the necessary repairs before it results in irreparable damage or starts a fire.

Eliminating the Smell of Smoke

Following a fire, smoke, and soot will permeate the surfaces of your ceilings, walls, and furnishings. Even after the flames have been extinguished, the charred materials and airborne embers will continue to spread throughout your home, contaminating the air you breathe with potentially hazardous particles and pollutants.

It would be best if you had the assistance of trained restoration professionals like Apex Water Restoration, who can use cutting-edge equipment and methods to get rid of potentially hazardous odors thoroughly and effectively.

Musty Smells

Your home may experience an outbreak of mold and mildew if it sustains water damage from an event such as a flood, hurricane, storm, or pipe leak.

Musty conditions will result from the presence of a fungal infestation, which is not only unhealthy but also very unpleasant. Mold spores may carry harmful fungal hyphae, leading to skin rashes, lung diseases, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems.

It is essential to take action as soon as possible to treat the growth of mold and mildew. Should you fail to comply, both your property and your health will be put in jeopardy.


Apex Water Restoration

Odor Elimination Equipment

Apex Water Restoration has the tools and the personal protection equipment (PPE) necessary to get to the bottom of whatever problem you’re having as efficiently as possible, regardless of the nature of the situation.

Our emergency restoration technicians are ready to rush to the rescue around the clock, ready to get rid of the odor source from your residential property. Deodorization technology that is on the cutting edge is what we rely on to rid the air of airborne pathogens, microorganisms, fungi, and pollutants.

To be of assistance to you in the process of odor removal, we make use of the various types of odor removal equipment listed below.

• Hydroxyl generators
• Ozone generators
• Scrubbers for the air
• Machines that generate thermal fog
• HEPA filters, which stand for high-efficiency particulate air filters

The unpleasant odors in your home indicate that something is not functioning properly there. Because of the toxic components of many scents, we have developed an aversion to them and an increased sense of alarm when we encounter them.

Get in touch with our staff as soon as possible if you detect the odor of something rotten. Our trained technicians can diagnose the issue, provide an up-front cost estimate, and immediately get to work to eliminate pervasive odors as quickly as possible.


Apex Water Restoration

Odor Removal Process

When deodorizing every nook and cranny of your home, our restoration specialists will draw on years of firsthand experience, cutting-edge equipment, and extensive professional training. We have experience working in various residential properties, including condominiums, apartments, townhouses, single-family homes, and various settings and spaces.

We have the equipment and technical expertise to neutralize airborne chemicals and contaminants wherever you need assistance with deodorizing agents within a building.

Our all-encompassing strategy will go above and beyond to clean up airborne particles that are potentially hazardous to humans, animals, and plants alike.

Our odor removal process for eliminating unpleasant odors involves the completion of four primary steps. What we will do is:

1. Find out where the stench comes from by thoroughly inspecting your entire property.
2. Develop a deodorization strategy that is both targeted and informed.
3. Take out all of the smelly particles from the affected areas.
4. Restore the area to its previous state by cleaning it.

During this stage, we will be able to clean the following:

• Tile Wooden Floors
• Ceramics \Carpet \Brick
• Plywood
• Linoleum \Plasterboard

As the house owner, you can know that the products we use will be safe for the environment and won’t harm anyone.

Apex Water Restoration Is Your Stop-Shop Location for All of Your Odor Elimination Needs

Apex Water Restoration is committed to living up to its name by providing customers with restoration services that are unparalleled daily. We can provide dependable specialists and cutting-edge resources for any situation. In addition, we guarantee that we will arrive on time and well-prepared for every restoration project.

Our group is sensitive to the potentially life-threatening nature of emergencies. No matter what your circumstances are, we will work quickly and compassionately to:

• Salvage valuable goods
• Restore compromised properties
• Get our clients back on their feet as quickly as possible.

The owner should always investigate strange odors in a home or business because they could point to issues that require immediate attention. Fortunately, the deodorization and restoration services we offer locally are designed to eliminate contaminants that a wide variety of disasters can cause.



Experience and Expertise

You want to work with a water restoration company that knows what they’re doing. You’ve come to the right place. Apex Water Restoration has the skills and expertise to ensure your property is safe. Our experience is what sets us apart and we do the job right the first time.


High-Quality Equipment

The process of water removal from a home or business requires the use of special equipment. As you can imagine, not all equipment is created equal. At Apex Water Restoration, we ensure the equipment we use is top notch and highly rated.


Customer Service

We know that communication and great customer service is the thing that sets any business apart. Our professionals are dedicated to giving you the best customer service experience you can get. We know you have options, and we treat every customer as part of our family.


Competitive Pricing

Getting the price right is important. In fact, pricing our jobs fairly and competitively is something we work hard to get right. We work with your insurance and make sure that we can get your water problem resolved quickly, and fairly.

More Odor Removal Information

Apex Water Restoration is well informed about what needs to be done when water intrusion occurs. However, we know you may have some questions. Below are great resources to help answer any of your odor removal questions.


Water Damage Odor Removal

If your home has a musty odor despite being repaired after water damage and if you have taken care of all the repairs, mold is the most likely culprit. If your home has had water damage and you have done all the repairs, the musty odor could remain.



Removing odors by a dehumidifier involves drawing in moist air and passing that air over a cold coil. The moisture forms droplets, which are then collected by the machine and either drained away or stored in a bucket. Because of the cold coil, any vaporized chemicals will condense and stick to the coil, where they will be captured and removed from the space.


Ozone Treatment

An ozone generator is used to get rid of the air of contaminants and odors in various environments, including homes, offices, and even automobiles. The air is “shocked” by this machine, and the results are delivered quickly.


Air Purification

Removing odors is not the primary objective of using an air purifier; rather, the device is designed to remove contaminants from the surrounding air. However, not all air purifiers are effective at eliminating odors.


Carpet Odor Removal

Many times foul odors will remin in carpet for a while. Our odor removal service can help by cleaning the carpet and removing the foul odor.

What They Say

Customer Testimonials

Busted pipes are the worst! We had ours bust from the freeze and had a lot of damage. Thanks to Apex Water Restoration for taking care of our problem quickly!

Kate Leonard

Best company for water damage. They got to us the same day and began drying out our home. It could've been worse, but with their quick response, thankfully it wasn't.

Ed Crawford

Panic ensued when we found the leak in our shower. Unfortunately the damage had already been done. Apex came out and did the demo and got our space dried out so we could get it repaired. Thanks!

Alex Wright

Friendswood, TX

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Odor Removal FAQ’s

Find the Answers to Your Water Damage Assessment Questions Here

A water restoration professional can answer any and all questions you may have regarding issues related to water damage restoration. Below are some commonly asked questions.

Apex Water Restoration technicians can provide the answers you need. Call us whenever you need any water damage services in Texas!


What causes odors after water damage?

Mold is the most common factor contributing to the smell of water damage. Mold grows best in environments that are humid, warm, and dark.

Your home will need to have the afflicted area dried out and the mold professionally cleaned before any attempt at deodorization will be successful.

Mold is a food source for bacteria that feast on the waste it creates. It can cause the structure of your home to become more vulnerable and is the root cause of a significant amount of the unpleasant odor that results from water damage.

Once the moisture source has been eliminated, the mold will perish independently, allowing the process to move more quickly.


How can odors be removed after water damage?

To help absorb unwanted scents, place open containers loaded with vinegar or baking soda around your home. After a water damage incident, handling the mold and odor problem will result in a fresh-smelling home.

Use odor elimination solutions with a residual benefit activated by moisture from humidity as one solution, or contact Apex Water Restoration for assistance.


Can odors be removed without replacing materials?

Yes, with the help of Apex Water Restoration, we are sure that we can salvage your materials from odor and water damage.

The damaged region should be dried. Make certain that every component of your home is dry.

Mold must be eliminated. After you've dried out all the wetness in your home, get rid of any mold that has grown.


How long does odor removal typically take?

It takes time to remove scents after the severity of the water damage and the materials involved. For example, eradicating water damage odors from a carpet is easier than removing them from a mold-infested location.


Is it safe to occupy a property during odor removal?

The type of odor removal and the degree of the odor determines it. In general, staying in a property during odor removal is harmless. Still, it is preferable to avoid the treated area and keep windows and doors open to enable fresh air to flow.

If the stench is strong, you may need to relocate until the odor is fully eradicated. Certain odor elimination procedures, such as ozone generators, necessitate the temporary removal of the treated area.


Can you guarantee that all odors will be removed?

Yes. Apex Water Restoration will make sure that all your concerns will disappear. We have skilled team to help you remove the odors from water damage.


Can I use home remedies to remove water damage odors?

There are various home methods for removing water damage scents. White vinegar is a natural deodorizer that can remove the smell of water damage from upholstery. Its strong odor masks the musty odor and removes it after it dries. Fill a tiny spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and spray it onto the wet place on your upholstery. Let it dry and absorb the smell. If done correctly, white vinegar will eliminate the stink of water damage and provide you with an odor-free home.

Baking soda is another effective home treatment. Just sprinkle baking soda on the wet area and leave it to sit overnight. Baking soda can be a natural deodorizer that will eliminate odors in 24 hours or less. Once the baking soda has taken hold, vacuum it up and clean the carpet. If you follow the procedure correctly, the water damage odor should go. Still, having the service of a professional is the best because they can guide you and ensure that there will be no odor that will harm your health.


What is the cost of odor removal services?

The cost of odor removal services varies depending on several factors, including the type of odor, how strong and deep it is, and the cleaning process and materials used.


Will odors return after the removal process is complete?

No. If the building was well-treated the odors will not return. Apex Water Restoration employs ozone treatment to oxidize residual phenol gas, thereby removing the stench. Because the molecules have been eliminated rather than covered or filtered, the odor will not reappear.


Can you provide tips for preventing water damage odors in the future?

Dry out the affected area:
• Dry out the entire house.
• Use dehumidifiers and air-moving fans to dry up any moisture in your home.
• If the weather is nice and dry outside, open the windows to let some fresh air in.

Fight mold: Once you've dried up all the moisture in your home, start getting rid of any mold that has grown. The mold that produces water damage odor is commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, and basement corners.

Don't disguise water damage odor: If you have a problem with water damage odor that hasn't gone away despite your best efforts, don't settle for concealing it. Masking the odor may prevent the unpleasant stench, but it will not prevent the health hazards that mold and mildew offer.

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