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When you experience a water event in your home or business, there are times when documents, books, and other papers are affected. We have the ability to revive and keep those things from being lost forever.


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Importance of Document Drying

Utilizing cutting-edge vacuum freeze-drying technology, Apex Water Restoration is the foremost authority in restoring and salvaging materials that have been damaged by water, including documents, books, photographs, microfilm, microfiche, X-rays, audio/video tapes, and other types of media.

For on-site pack-out and transportation of your water-damaged documents, we have a team that is both skilled and trained, and they are ready around the clock, seven days a week.

Call Apex Water Restoration for assistance. We have a team that is both skilled and experienced whenever there is an issue with mold or water damage in the property.

When you put your trust in Apex Water Restoration to handle your home or company, the following benefits will be provided to you: A group of highly skilled individuals that are dedicated to the task of salvaging your priceless documents, images, electronic objects, and other personal belongings.

We use the most modern drying equipment and processes to ensure the secure and efficient removal of excess moisture from your property. Every emergency is met with a speedy response from us. We are aware of how vital it is for you for us to restore your property promptly and effectively so that you may get your life back on track as quickly as is practically possible.

Following a catastrophe, we prioritize returning our customers to their regular routines as soon as it is physically possible and safe for their well-being. Apex Water Restoration provides a comprehensive selection of restoration services, such as water removal and cleanup, dehumidification services, flood damage repair and cleanup, document drying, mold remediation services (including testing), odor removal services (including smoke damage), contents cleaning and processing (if this is necessary). In addition to our services for drying and restoring documents, we also provide services for cleaning up after water damage.

Residential Water Damage Assessment

When you see water in your home, you know there’s a problem. At that moment, it’s important to give the professionals at Apex Water Restoration a call so we can assess the situation as quickly as possible.

One thing we know is that water takes the path of least resistance. With that in mind, it’s important to do a thorough investigation of where water may be in your home. Many times we find water in places that a homeowner doesn’t expect. When that happens, we have to do a more in-depth assessment of the area to ensure that the damage is truly assessed and can be handled appropriately.


Apex Water Restoration

Types of Documents That Can Be Dried

We use vacuum freeze-drying as one of the ways for document drying techniques for different documents.

Paper for standard copies, coated papers, maps, parchment, pulp paper, drawing linens, textbooks, reference books, and manuals are all used for books and manuscripts.

Documents and records about businesses and individuals, including but not limited to legal documents, bank records, company files, patient medical records, x-rays, engineering and architectural plans and drawings, catalogs, reference materials, certificates, contracts, passports, transcripts, and tax records.

Some examples of historical and collectible goods are documents from archives, rare documents, maps, stamp collections, and money collections.

Among the goods considered to be keepsakes are photographs, items made of leather and hide, newspaper clippings, recipe books, greeting cards, scrapbooks, baby books, wedding albums, yearbooks, baskets, and accolades and accomplishments.

Embroidery and other needlework techniques, silks, tapestries, and flags are examples of textiles.

Acrylic paintings, drawings on linen, and watercolors are some examples of the artwork.


Apex Water Restoration

Document Drying Process

The recovery of any document using our vacuum-freeze drying chamber is the way that we have found to be the most successful. If you have sensitive documents that cannot be removed from your location, we have mobile vacuum-freeze drying chambers that can come to you.

When we set up desiccant drying chambers, we use machines. Documents being dried exclusively to get them ready to be shredded often put through desiccant drying chambers before being put through the shredding process.

Although the desiccant chambers are a more cost-effective option than vacuum freeze drying, they are not typically used to dry documents that need to be archived due to the poor quality of the final result.

Apex Water Restoration will collaborate with you and your insurance provider to ensure that everything is returned to a state where it can be used after it has been damaged by water.

Document Drying for Commercial Properties

Large commercial organizations such as hospitals, banks, law offices, libraries, schools, architectural firms, record storage companies, government agencies, and so on are some businesses we provide our services to. Professionals will be sent to your location to pack up all of your wet paperwork.

Document Cleaning

You may need to have your company’s records cleansed and disinfected if they have been harmed in any way, whether by a storm, fire, river flood, sewer backup, or any other event.

Call Apex Water Restoration, and we will fully clean and dry your documents. Documents are painstakingly cleaned and disinfected once the most appropriate cleaning process is selected, determined by the source. Apex Water Restoration will disinfect the papers to make them safe if they have been damaged by mildew, soot, or silt.

When dealing with documents ruined by sewer or mold damage, the best course of action is to disinfect, dry, and then photocopy the documents. The originals can be hermetically sealed, packaged, and put away until they are no longer required, while the new copies are completely safe to handle.

When dealing with documents that have been partially burned, the soot can be cleaned, and the burned portion of the paper can be trimmed off to produce a clean document that can still be used. In addition, the original documents may be sterilized by irradiation or treated with ozone to make them safe for handling.

Professional Document Drying

It may appear to be an easy solution. You believe, “I can document my drying process on my own.” There is something significant that you will not understand until it is too late. Your insurance company is well aware that you do not have professional training, so that they will make a severe and unfavorable adjustment to your claim.

Insurance companies are looking to keep as much of their money as possible. Even if you have been paying them on time every month for decades, the moment you require their assistance. If you have a problem with insurance claims, do not hesitate to call Apex Water Restoration. We will help you document all the water-damaged documents you have.

Document Preservation

Your most beloved possessions, such as photographs, educational certificates, credentials, identification, passports, and other legal papers, are at risk of suffering irreparable damage if your home has high moisture and humidity levels. The physical state of paper documents can be rendered unusable by water damage; however, the subsequent growth of mold, mildew, and other microbiological elements can change them into a potential threat to human health.

After a hurricane, flood, or another type of water damage, you should not endanger your vital records and documents. Apex Water Restoration’s pros can provide you with specialized assistance and individualized direction.

At Apex Water Restoration, we have more than years of expertise and have helped set industry-wide standards. When Apex Water Restoration recover your vital documents, we use a systematic approach to bring them back to their condition before the loss occurs, wherever possible.

Document Drying Tools

Apex Water Restoration uses the following tools to dry the documents:

• Vacuum freeze-drying
• Microbial disinfection
• Deodorizing
• Sanitizing
• Ultrasonic separation

Document Drying Best Practices

Apex Water Restoration offers all-encompassing solutions for recovering important documents in residences of any size. Apex Water Restoration team of professionals is recovering documents damaged, destroyed, or lost as a result of fire, flood, or any other disaster as quickly and effectively as possible.

Apex Water Restoration knows how important it is to preserve the integrity of papers. Apex Water Restoration provides businesses and residentials with comprehensive document recovery services to assist them in retrieving and restoring important documents.

The first step in our approach to recovering documents is a comprehensive analysis of the damage sustained by the documents. The next step of the process will involve our team of experts in developing a recovery strategy relevant to your requirements. Apex Water Restoration can recover documents from a wide variety of media, such as paper, film, digital, and various other formats, thanks to our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology.

Thanks to our cutting-edge recovery procedures, documents are guaranteed to be retrieved with the best possible accuracy, speed, and security.

Drying Sentimental Documents

The document drying services provided by Apex Water Restoration can assist you in protecting your valuable documents and other paper goods from the effects of water damage. When an emergency occurs, Apex Water Restoration is here to assist you in protecting the vital papers, images, and other sentimental items you have on paper since we know the significance of doing so.

Apex Water Restoration, document drying services, use specialist drying equipment to expedite drying.

Apex Water Restoration’s team of trained professionals will evaluate the extent of the damage and provide the most effective strategy for drying your documents.

Apex Water Restoration can dry papers that are either wet or moist. We utilize various drying methods, including air drying, freeze drying, and vacuum pressure drying, to restore your vital documents completely.

Apex Water Restoration, document drying services, can assist in preventing any damage from becoming permanent and help restore your papers to the condition they were in when they were first created.

Document Drying Timeframe and Cost

The time needed to dry documents following water damage might vary widely based on the damage’s severity and the drying method employed. Drying might take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, although it usually takes between 12 and 24 hours.

However, drying documents involves specialist methods, the ability to use specialized equipment, and certain equipment, such as freeze-drying chambers. The price of document drying services might also change based on the damage’s severity and the drying process used.

DIY Document Drying

If you only need to recover a few pieces of paper, air drying may be an option. If you have fewer than 200 papers to dry, air drying is the best option.

Place the wet paper on a level surface, and allow it to dry as naturally as possible. Because drying paper can take several hours, select a surface on which the sheets can lie still for some time without being disturbed.

If you have a few pieces of damp paper lying about, you should put them in front of a fan so that they can dry out. It will assist in drying things out more rapidly.

If you have wet paper in a book or binder, you should put a piece of paper towel between approximately every ten pages so that the towel can absorb the water. After that, position the papers to face a gentle fan.

To remove some of the moisture from the paper, heat it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. After that, smooth the paper’s surface by pressing it down with something hard to remove any creases.



Experience and Expertise

You want to work with a water restoration company that knows what they’re doing. You’ve come to the right place. Apex Water Restoration has the skills and expertise to ensure your property is safe. Our experience is what sets us apart and we do the job right the first time.


High-Quality Equipment

The process of water removal from a home or business requires the use of special equipment. As you can imagine, not all equipment is created equal. At Apex Water Restoration, we ensure the equipment we use is top notch and highly rated.


Customer Service

We know that communication and great customer service is the thing that sets any business apart. Our professionals are dedicated to giving you the best customer service experience you can get. We know you have options, and we treat every customer as part of our family.


Competitive Pricing

Getting the price right is important. In fact, pricing our jobs fairly and competitively is something we work hard to get right. We work with your insurance and make sure that we can get your water problem resolved quickly, and fairly.

More Document Drying Information

Apex Water Restoration is well informed about what needs to be done when water intrusion occurs. However, we know you may have some questions. Below are great resources to help answer any of your document drying questions.


Document Drying Process

Drying out wet documents could be a potential need if you have had a water intrusion event at your home. In those cases, Apex Water Restroation has you covered.


Document Restoration

Apex Water Restoration can dry, clean, and replicate materials far more efficiently than is possible with traditional drying systems because of our energy-saving technology.


Emergency Document Drying Services

When disaster hits, you risk losing the items most precious to you and the papers most important to you. 


Salvaging Wet Documents

It is possible to salvage water-damaged paperwork and images, so you shouldn’t be disheartened if you find out that the water damage in your home has compromised crucial documents and family photos.


Document Drying for Insurance Claims

The drying of papers is a vital step in filing an insurance claim since it helps to protect the documents from suffering additional damage and ensures that the documents will be maintained for future use.

What They Say

Customer Testimonials

Busted pipes are the worst! We had ours bust from the freeze and had a lot of damage. Thanks to Apex Water Restoration for taking care of our problem quickly!

Kate Leonard

Best company for water damage. They got to us the same day and began drying out our home. It could've been worse, but with their quick response, thankfully it wasn't.

Ed Crawford

Panic ensued when we found the leak in our shower. Unfortunately the damage had already been done. Apex came out and did the demo and got our space dried out so we could get it repaired. Thanks!

Alex Wright

Friendswood, TX

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Document Drying FAQ’s

Find the Answers to Your Water Damage Assessment Questions Here

A water restoration professional can answer any and all questions you may have regarding issues related to water damage restoration. Below are some commonly asked questions.

Apex Water Restoration technicians can provide the answers you need. Call us whenever you need any water damage services in Texas!


Can documents be saved after water damage?

Yes, many individuals are unaware that paper files, documents, and books can be saved after water damage. One of the most typical requests for document recovery is to save medical and legal documents. Physical, signed documents are required by law in numerous states.


What types of documents can be salvaged through document drying after water damage?

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, pictures, letters, tax returns, and other crucial paperwork can be saved after water damage.


How soon should document drying begin after water damage occurs?

After water damage, the drying procedure should begin as soon as possible.


What is the process for document drying in water damage restoration?

In water damage restoration, document drying may entail using commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to dry and dehumidify impacted regions. Another document restoration approach that is the most efficient and effective way to preserve and retrieve critical papers damaged by water is freeze-drying.


How long does it take to dry documents after water damage?

The duration of time it takes to dry papers after water damage varies based on the method employed, the damage level, and the area's size. It can take anywhere from 12 hours to many weeks. However, the typical time to dry water damage is 5 days.


What equipment is used during document drying after water damage?

Water-damaged documents necessitate meticulous drying techniques, including freeze-drying, air-drying, desiccant dehumidifying, and even vacuum freeze-drying.


Are there any documents that cannot be saved through document drying after water damage?

Certain documents cannot be saved after water damage through document drying, but using certain tools makes it possible to dry things like books, photo albums, and artwork, depending on the advice of a document-drying service.


How do you ensure that documents are properly sanitized during document drying after water damage?

If the document is damaged by contaminated water, there is a greater chance that germs or mold will grow on it. Remove the documents from the water with care and carefully rinse them under cold running water. Once the documents are clean, they must be dried immediately.

With the help of Apex Water Restoration, we can ensure that the dried documents are properly sanitized and safe for use.


Is document drying after water damage covered by insurance?

It depends on the policy of insurance. Insurance will often only cover emergency water damage when making a successful claim for water damage. You will not be covered if the water damage is caused by gradual water damage you could reasonably expect to prevent.


Can document restoration services also assist with digital files that have been damaged by water?

Yes, water-damaged pictures and documents can be repaired in many cases.

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