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Apex Water Restoration offers round-the-clock services for those who have an immediate need. Sometimes water damage happens at the worst times and when it does, it’s best to get it cleaned up as quickly as possible. We’re here to help!


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Importance of 24-Hour Emergency Services

Damage caused by water is a persistent danger that poses a risk to the inhabitants of homes and other buildings worldwide. Water damage can occur when some portions of a property are subjected to water for an extended period.

This extended exposure to water is typically the result of flooding, pipe bursts, sewer backups, or roof leaks. When dealing with water damage, you should employ water damage restoration services to help you clean up and repair the damage. These services can help you get your property back to normal. Professionals in the water damage restoration field can identify the problem’s source, eliminate excess moisture, eradicate mold, and repair leaking pipes.

However, depending on the specifics of your case, water damage restoration services of the usual variety might not be sufficient. Instead, call a water damage restoration company available around the clock to minimize the potential impact of the water damage. These emergency services offer a variety of advantages that will save money and time while alleviating tension.

Benefits of 24-hour emergency water restoration services include the following:

Always Available

As the name suggests, emergency water damage restoration services are accessible around the clock, 24 hours a day. In most cases, you can use these services all year round. Their availability guarantees they will be available when you require their assistance. Accidents that cause water damage can occur at any hour of the day, and these emergency services provide the flexibility necessary to meet the demands of the situation.

Apex Water Restoration offers its emergency water damage repair services around the clock and maintains fully staffed contact centers with employees who are always accessible to take your calls. Our staff members receive specialized training to recognize and comprehend that dealing with water-related emergencies can be nerve-wracking and harrowing.

The customer service representatives have received extensive training to become professionals in asking customers the appropriate questions, maintaining their composure, and speedily guiding them to the most effective water damage repair solution as quickly as possible.

Quick Arrival

The first two days following the declaration of a water emergency are the most crucial. It is the time of year when most serious problems related to water damage are likely to arise. Mold and mildew growth, as well as potential electrical risks and property damage, particularly to electronic items, are all examples of these potential problems.

Restoration services for water damage are available around the clock and may respond to emergencies within minutes of being called.

This short arrival time is vital in preventing the growth of molds, mildew, and bacteria and minimizing the risk of water spreading dangerously close to electrical wiring.

In addition, this quick arrival time is also crucial in lowering the risk of mold and mildew growing in the affected area. Immediate water damage restoration specialists cut down on the amount of money needed for repairs, the amount of damage done, and the danger that the occupants of the building face.

24-hour emergency water damage restoration services available around the clock is a trustworthy approach to guarantee a speedy response to any water-related problem. For additional information, Call Apex Water Restoration at (832) 990-8022.


Apex Water Restoration

Water Damage Emergency Services

Emergencies involving water damage can occur at any moment and to anyone, which is a significant headache. When water damage occurs, it is essential to repair it as quickly as possible to prevent the problem from becoming even more severe.

We can assist you with any aspects of your water damage concerns. Because we offer Emergency Water Damage Service around the clock, we are always ready whenever you require our assistance.

Because all of our professionals have years of expertise and extensive training, you won’t have to worry about the state of your home while we’re there working on it. We will get the job done as quickly as possible, ensure it is done correctly, and leave your home looking better than it has in a long time.

Emergency Flood Repair

Damage caused by water can be a genuine nuisance, and it can be challenging to locate a trustworthy firm that offers emergency flood repair services. When repairing water damage to your house, time is the key.

You must look for a qualified flood repair company that can assist you in restoring your house as soon as possible. If you ever need us, we will be here for you. Our professional staff is ready around the clock, 24/7, to assist you with any emergency flood repair requirements you may have. Apex Water Restoration always puts the needs of our customers first, even though we have the experience and knowledge essential to get the work done correctly.

Dealing with water damage may be a significant burden, and finding a dependable firm to assist you with the problem is not always easy. Moving quickly if water damage has occurred is critical to reducing the destruction’s extent.

If the situation is not addressed soon, it may result in mold growth, in addition to the fact that the water itself is a concern. We are here to always serve you with the highest possible quality Emergency Flood Services. Our skilled staff has worked in water damage restoration for many years, and we are here to assist you around the clock, any day of the week.

Contact Apex Water Restoration immediately to obtain additional information about our offerings and arrange a no-cost appointment.

Emergency Water Damage Service

Damage caused by water can be quite disruptive to your life at home or the business. Damage caused by water is unpleasant to look at and inconvenient to deal with, but it also poses a potential health risk. If the water damage is not repaired, it can result in the formation of mold as well as other major health risks.

Immediate Water Damage offers a professional service that will assist you in returning your house or place of business to its normal state as quickly as possible. We are prepared to manage any water damage emergency because we have the necessary experience and knowledge. You can always rely on us when you need our emergency water damage services the most because we are available 24/7. In addition, we are specialists in providing these services.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service

Water damage can be a major problem and must be addressed as early as possible to prevent further damage. If the water damage is not addressed promptly, it can not only result in substantial damage to the property but can also lead to the growth of molds, which can be harmful.

You do not worry about knowing that the restoration of any water damage to your home or place of business is handled by our skilled and experienced team of professionals who are on call around the clock. We will start working quickly and effectively to return your property to its original state.

Emergencies involving water damage are unpredictable and can affect anyone at any time. When they do, it is essential to have a reputable and trustworthy team of Flood Restoration Experts on call to assist you in getting your life back on track as quickly as possible. When they occur, it is imperative to have a team of Flood Restoration Professionals on call. When dealing with emergencies involving water damage, time is the key. The more time that passes, the more harm that is caused by the water.

Not only will our trained personnel assist you in expeditiously drying out your residence or place of business, but we will also coordinate our efforts with your insurance provider to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as is humanly feasible. We know that dealing with Water Damage Mitigation can be an emotionally taxing and overwhelming experience. Because of this, we offer an emergency water damage service around the clock. Get in touch with Apex Water Restoration immediately for a free consultation.

Emergency Sewer Backup Service

Damage caused by water, whether due to a burst pipe, an overflow of the sewage system, or a natural disaster, can be a major issue that calls for prompt action.

In addition to causing structural damage in your house or place of business, water damage can also result in potentially hazardous mold and other health issues.

Hire specialists who are both skilled and professional. They will be able to restore sewage damage to your property as quickly as possible, bringing it back to its previous condition. We are equipped with the most modern tools and methods, allowing us to tackle repair jobs of any size.

Emergency Storm Damage Service

It is crucial to seek restoration services as soon as possible after a storm to reduce the damage caused by the storm. Storms can inflict a lot of damage. When a storm has caused damage to your residence or place of business, the clock is ticking. Do not wait for a more serious problem call now! We are available to assist you.

Our highly trained staff have a wealth of knowledge in the field of Storm Damage Repairs, and we will work closely with you at every stage of the process to restore your property to its pre-damage state.


Apex Water Restoration

24-Hour Emergency Service Process

Emergency services to repair water damage can greatly assist the property owner and help prevent further damage; however, what constitutes an emergency? Although many property owners are affected by water damage, not all of them will require the assistance of an emergency restoration agency. Not everyone may require emergency services during the restoration procedure.

At Apex Water Restoration, our emergency water damage restoration services are available around the clock. If we determine that your situation is an emergency, our staff can arrive at your home in fewer than sixty minutes. Since some instances of water damage are not considered an emergency, we at Apex Water Restoration would like to address the factors contributing to classifying a situation as an emergency.

Determine The Reason for Water Damage

You can be eligible for emergency water damage restoration if the situation has persisted for some time and there is a constant risk of water damage to your property. If your problem can be solved quickly and there is no danger of further damage to your property, it may also rely on other variables.

Our technicians need to know the source of the damage so that they can determine whether or not your property is at risk of suffering additional damage.

An emergency water damage restoration service may be required if a flood or other occurrence is a substantial threat, such as larger leaks or other water-related disasters.

Determine Scope of Water Damage

When it comes to emergency services for the repair of water damage, the severity of the damage is one of the first and most critical considerations. If the damage you’ve sustained is contained in a single room or a small area, you probably won’t be eligible for emergency services.

There is a greater possibility of being eligible for compensation if the extent of the damage is spread across numerous rooms or if it affects more than one story. Yet, the extent of the damage is not the only consideration when emergency services for water damage restoration are being provided.

Determine if this is an Ongoing Issue

It is not necessary to have a continuing problem to be eligible for emergency water damage restoration services, but it is a significant consideration. One of the primary goals of our emergency services is to minimize additional damage to your property as much as possible. If the damage continues and is persistent, our staff will be at your property in fewer than sixty minutes to offer assistance. We can provide immediate assistance with one of the problems: turning off the water supply to avoid any more harm from occurring due to a broken water line or a faulty appliance.

Determine the Extent of the Water Damage

There are different types of water damage, each of which may require the assistance of an emergency service provider at your property. As the level is higher, there is a greater potential for danger related to the water.

In most cases, water damage of category 1 is caused by clear, pure water supplied by a water supply line or comes from a clean source.

Water damage becomes cloudier and less transparent as it reaches the category 2 level. This type of water damage is frequently called gray water and can include bacteria. Broken toilets, malfunctioning sump pumps, or seepage are the common causes of water damage in category 2.

Water damage of category 3, sometimes known as “black water,” is water containing bacteria and other organisms that can make people sick. The most severe form of water damage, known as “black water,” often arises when there are issues with the sewage system. Although it is not the only factor for emergency water damage restoration services, having a higher category of water damage is important to consider when seeking help.


Apex Water Restoration

DIY Emergency Water Restoration Tips

Although it is obvious that water damage restoration requires a team of emergency water damage experts, there are certain preliminary procedures you can take to reduce the damage and speed up the cleaning process.



Ventilate the room by opening the windows; it is common knowledge that fresh air helps to evaporate moisture. Hence, if you have water damage, particularly in a basement where the air is already moist and wet, you should open all the windows and turn on the fan. It will assist in getting the air moving and will contribute to the process of drying out the entire room.



Obtain a Mop and a Bucket: You should get a mop and a bucket and remove the water. When you remove most of the water from the room as quickly as possible, you can restore the water damage and repair the area much more quickly.


Content Removal

Remove Everything: The more furniture and personal belongings left in the room after it has been cleaned, the more challenging it will be to dry the space. Hence, area rugs and damaged pieces of furniture should not be left outside or in direct sunlight. It will assist in drying and allow the room to dry out more quickly.

Emergency Water Restoration Safety Precautions

Being a qualified restoration firm, we take great pleasure in our ability to promptly respond to the premises needing our assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It may be two in the afternoon or ten in the morning on Christmas morning. We shall be available whenever you require our assistance.

As we go to a customer’s house, some clients want to take the initiative to do certain tasks. The question “What can I do while you are on your way?” is one that we get asked rather frequently. First and foremost, you should never put yourself or anyone else in harm’s way by engaging in activities with which you are uncomfortable, or that could put others in peril.

Other than that, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Know your home and its ins and outs, including how to turn off the water. If you have an in-ground water meter, you should go to the home improvement store in your neighborhood and get a water meter key. These are close to ten dollars each. Next to the exterior hose faucet on the house, a second valve is included in some of today’s residences. Look to see what you already have, and ensure you can turn the water off in your house. If there is a water loss, you should instantly turn that off.

To protect your furniture, peel off small sheets of aluminum foil or plastic food wrap if standing water is in the area. Slip this under the legs of the furniture to prevent the legs from soaking up water and becoming hard to repair damaged.

It will protect not only the furniture but also the flooring from any potential harm. The dye can run off of wood furniture and into the carpet, permanently altering the color of the carpet in that location. An unwanted color transfer cannot be removed in any way.

To Remove Excess Water: If you have some towels, you don’t mind placing on the floor, place them on top of the standing water to absorb the excess water. It would be much great if you had a household shop vacuum. Water will continue to move about until it is withdrawn by human intervention.

Emergency Water Restoration for Basements and Crawlspaces

While we don’t deal with this much in Houston because we don’t have many basements or crawlspaces, it’s still important to mention here.

If there is water damage in your basement or crawlspace, you must take immediate action to stop any further damage from occurring. You can use the services of a specialized water restoration firm to assist you in the cleanup and restoration process. They will be removing the water and drying out the affected areas with the use of specialized equipment. In addition, they will check the area for mold and any other damage and take measures to prevent any issues.

You can contact Apex Water Restoration if you require water damage repair services in an emergency. They are highly skilled in water damage restoration, including cleaning flooded basements and crawlspaces, and they provide emergency services around the clock.



Experience and Expertise

You want to work with a water restoration company that knows what they’re doing. You’ve come to the right place. Apex Water Restoration has the skills and expertise to ensure your property is safe. Our experience is what sets us apart and we do the job right the first time.


High-Quality Equipment

The process of water removal from a home or business requires the use of special equipment. As you can imagine, not all equipment is created equal. At Apex Water Restoration, we ensure the equipment we use is top notch and highly rated.


Customer Service

We know that communication and great customer service is the thing that sets any business apart. Our professionals are dedicated to giving you the best customer service experience you can get. We know you have options, and we treat every customer as part of our family.


Competitive Pricing

Getting the price right is important. In fact, pricing our jobs fairly and competitively is something we work hard to get right. We work with your insurance and make sure that we can get your water problem resolved quickly, and fairly.

More 24-Hour Emergency Services Information

Apex Water Restoration is well informed about what needs to be done when water intrusion occurs. However, we know you may have some questions. Below are great resources to help answer any of your 24-hours emergency services questions.


Storm and Flood Damage

We have the experience and necessary equipment to clean up and restore your home following storm damage, and we can assist you in getting your life back to normal after the storm has disrupted it.


Burst Pipe and Plumbing Emergencies

When pipes in your home or place of business burst, the mess left behind can be difficult to clean up, and this can lead to much more significant problems if it is not cleaned up completely and appropriately.


Sewage Backup and Cleanup

Apex Water Restoration has specialists with the knowledge and experience to resolve any sewage or drain issue in your home or business. You can rely on us to properly complete the task because we are a licensed, bonded, insured local company.


Water Damage to Electronics

Rapid action is required to prevent the water damage produced by our appliances, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker in the refrigerator, and water heater, from worsening over time.


Emergency Water Damage Insurance Claims

In Texas, one of the most common causes for filing insurance claims is damage caused by water. Homeowners in Texas are responsible for ensuring that their insurance plans provide enough protection against the risk of water damage to their properties.

What They Say

Customer Testimonials

Busted pipes are the worst! We had ours bust from the freeze and had a lot of damage. Thanks to Apex Water Restoration for taking care of our problem quickly!

Kate Leonard

Best company for water damage. They got to us the same day and began drying out our home. It could've been worse, but with their quick response, thankfully it wasn't.

Ed Crawford

Panic ensued when we found the leak in our shower. Unfortunately the damage had already been done. Apex came out and did the demo and got our space dried out so we could get it repaired. Thanks!

Alex Wright

Friendswood, TX

Water Damage Restoration Done Right

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24-Hour Emergency Services FAQ’s

Find the Answers to Your Water Damage Assessment Questions Here

A water restoration professional can answer any and all questions you may have regarding issues related to water damage restoration. Below are some commonly asked questions.

Apex Water Restoration technicians can provide the answers you need. Call us whenever you need any water damage services in Texas!


Why do I need 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

Water damage often necessitates fast remediation to prevent further damage; response is critical, and many providers provide 24-hour service. Choose a provider that can arrive swiftly and begin cleaning and repairs as soon as feasible.


What is the response time for 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

Flooding and water-related emergencies Several businesses may not adhere to typical business hours. Apex Water Restoration offers 24-hour emergency water restoration services seven days a week, including all holidays. Day or night, you can count on a rapid answer.


Can you help with water damage that occurs outside of normal business hours?

Yes, we can assist you with water damage that occurs after regular business hours. Apex Water Restoration offers emergency water restoration services 24/7, including holidays. Day or night, you can count on a fast answer.


How do you determine the extent of water damage during a 24-hour emergency service call?

A loss assessment and material appraisal frequently precede water damage restoration. Water sensing devices such as probes and other infrared tools are used to check the damaged area to detect the cause of the damage and the extent of the areas impacted. The priority is to provide emergency mitigating assistance.


What is the process for 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

The following stages are frequently included in 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services:

• Examination of Emergency Contacts and Damage Assessment
• Water Extraction/Water Removal
• Dehumidification and drying
• Restoration Cleaning and Sanitation


What equipment do you use during 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

The following items are used during water damage restoration services:

• LGR Air Mover Dehumidifier
• Self-Propelled Dump Containers
• Air Scrubbers and Moisture Detectors

These are tools used in water damage remediation. The specific equipment used will be determined by the amount of damage and the repair business you select.


How long does it typically take to complete 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

The extent of the damage determines the time it takes to perform water damage restoration services. Drying out and preparing one room for reconstruction takes 72 hours, followed by 1-2 weeks for actual water damage repairs.


Are 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services covered by insurance?

Water damage restoration services are usually covered by insurance. Nonetheless, it would be best to verify with your insurance carrier to find out exactly what your coverage is and what you are entitled to from them.


Do you offer any guarantees or warranties for 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

Apex Water Restoration offers emergency water restoration 24/7, including holidays. Day or night, you can count on a rapid answer.


What steps can I take to prevent water damage before 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services arrive?

Here are some preventative measures you may do before 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services arrive:

• Locate and stop the source of the water. Try to stop the water flow from entering your building.
• Switch off the power. If water has gotten into touch with any electrical systems, cut off the power at the breaker until an expert can analyze the problem.
• Water should be eliminated in excess. To remove water, use a mop, towels, or a wet/dry vacuum.
• Rearrange the furniture. Transfer any furniture or other things in the affected area to a dry location.
• Open the windows and doors. Open doors and windows to assist the affected area in drying out.

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