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Apex Water Restoration is located in Friendswood, TX.  Apex Water Restoration is both friendly and professional and are experts in water damage restoration.


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    Apex Water Restoration is a company that provides water damage restoration services around the clock. We provide emergency water damage restoration and clean-up services and have the experience and education required to complete the task at hand successfully. They guarantee the quality of our work and insist on always employing the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking equipment, technologies, and tools.

    You deserve a company that specializes in the restoration of water damage. Our technicians can provide immediate service at any time of the day or night, seven days a week, regardless of whether or not it is a holiday or a weekend. This repair is essential whenever there is significant water damage, such as after a fire has been extinguished or when there has been flooding.

    Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Your home could sustain significant water damage if a storm hits it, it floods, or it has a problem with the plumbing. The water removal must begin quickly if there is any hope of minimizing the damage. The professionals at Apex Water Restoration are highly trained in removing water, cleaning water damage, and restoring water damage to residential properties.

    Our experts, who put the needs of the customer first, will assess the residential water damage to your property. After that, we will assist you in understanding the extent of the damage to the property so that you can make wise choices regarding the repair of your house. Our top-tier personnel use the most cutting-edge technology to locate concealed moisture and extract water from areas containing standing water.

    Because we have many years of experience in property restoration and repair, you can put your faith in us to assist you in developing a restoration plan that will help ensure that your house is clean, dry, and returned to the condition it was in before the damage occurred.

    Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    Any water damage to your facility needs to be repaired as soon as possible to cause as little disruption as possible to the regular operations of your business, if you are the owner of that facility. Simply giving Apex Water Restoration a call will allow you to get the water damage repaired and restored as quickly as possible, which will help you minimize downtime and prevent revenue loss.

    We have the expertise and equipment required to repair any level of water damage that the flooding may have caused to your business. During the restoration process, our professionals will collaborate closely with you and the people who call your building home to ensure that your day-to-day operations experience as little interference as possible.


    OUR Services

    Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Water Damage Assessment

    The first thing Apex Water Restoration will do when we arrive at your home or business is take a thorough examination of the water damage that has occurred. Often times water intrusion is more extensive than expected.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Water Extraction

    Water extraction is the process of removing water from your home. It aids in preventing mold, structural damage, and odors, as well as restoring the property to pre-loss condition. This is the first step in the process of putting your home back together.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Structural Drying

    If your home has been flooded, our professional water damage restoration company can thoroughly dry out the area to remove any excess moisture that could lead to mold growth. Using the best equipment, we will ensure that your property is properly dried.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Repair and Restoration

    Once the water extraction has been completed, it’s now time to repair and restore the home or business to it’s original state. Unlike other water restoration companies, we also offer professional repair and restoration services to ensure that your property is back to normal as quickly as possible.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Odor Removal

    Any time there is water intrusion, there is a potential for odors to emerge. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to remove odors that are both unpleasing and harmful to you. This is a standard service and one that we find is often needed when we are doing water restoration.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Content Cleaning and Restoration

    The process of cleaning and restoring your property is one of the services that Apex offers each of their customers. We know that some items are valuable and irreplaceable. For those items, we take special care to clean and restore.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    24-Hour Emergency Services

    Water damage can occur at any moment, and without warning. In those moments it’s important to have a company, like Apex Water Restoration, who can get to the problem as quickly as possible.

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    Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood TX

    Document Drying

    Utilizing cutting-edge vacuum freeze-drying technology, Apex Water Restoration is the foremost authority in restoring and salvaging materials that have been damaged by water, including documents, books, photographs, and other types of printed media.

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    Apex Water Resotration

    Water Damage REstoration information

    The devastation caused by a flood, an overflow, or any other event involving a significant amount of water is known as water damage restoration. Restoring a home or other property to the condition it was in before it was ruined by water is known as water damage restoration. This process involves restoring the home or other property to its original condition before it is ruined by water.

    When it comes to repairing water damage, most property owners mistakenly believe that all that is required is to dry the surface of the affected area. It is neither accurate nor safe, but it is a common belief among property owners.

    The process may start with water mitigation and extraction. Still, it then moves on to drying out the property with humidifiers and air movers, restoring contents, removing materials, and reconstructing damaged areas. Mold prevention and mold remediation may or may not be included in this process.

    Fixing water-damaged property means returning it to how it was before the water came. Several steps are involved in the process, including inspecting, extracting, dehumidifying, sanitizing, and rebuilding (if necessary).

    Although certification is not typically required for water damage restoration, it is recommended that repairs be carried out by a specialist in water damage restoration who has experience working in the field, has access to the necessary equipment, and has received appropriate training.

    Understanding what precipitated the problem in the first place is the first thing that needs to be done to find a solution to it.

    When inspecting a property for water damage, for instance, it is beneficial for specialists who restore water damage to be familiar with the most common causes of water damage. It is because a variety of factors can cause water damage. In addition, it helps them locate the cause of the damage more precisely, which is a significant benefit.

    Apex Water Restoration

    Our Water Restoration Difference

    Apex Water Restoration’s goal is to return both your home and its contents to the state in which they were located before the occurrence of the damage as practically and efficiently as is humanly possible. As a result, we are aware of how severe water damage can be. We try to mitigate its negative effects on your life and your property. In addition, we will make a concerted effort to locate and address any underlying causes of the water damage to assist you in getting your life back to normal and feeling safe in your own home as quickly as possible. It will be done to assist you in getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

    Best Water Restoration Equipment

    Apex Water Restoration has the most advanced machinery available to assist in cleaning and repairing your property. In addition to removing water from the building, other services are provided to ensure it is in suitable working or living conditions at all times.

    For instance, even after the minuscule drop of water has evaporated, we go above and beyond to address any remaining moisture and humidity. We also treat any remaining microbes that may breed illness and deodorize them to remove unpleasant odors.

    We use the most cutting-edge equipment the industry has to offer. We guarantee to provide you with the highest quality water damage restoration and repair services at an affordable price.

    Devices in this category include scrubbers, which remove soot and moisture; unique fans that circulate the air; and machines that suction moisture. Other devices in this category include machines that circulate the air and unique fans. Before beginning the cleaning process, the technicians from the company specializing in water damage will arrive as quickly as possible to remove the water from the affected area. It may involve the utilization of other devices in addition to sump pumps.

    Flooding damage is more extensive than just a financial burden. It can also be harmful to your health. It is usually unwise to put oneself in situations where one could be exposed to certain kinds of flood water, such as sewage. In addition, depending on the water source, a seemingly minor flood could cause chronic and long-term illness in the form of allergies and infections. It is especially the case if the building contains people with immune systems that are not functioning as well as they should.

    Superior Techniques

    The water damage restoration contractors at Apex Water Restoration are the best in the business. Find water damage restoration contractors who are reasonably priced and the best in the business to help you rebuild your home. We offer services for drying chambers, establishing a controlled drying environment while preparing the affected environment for optimal drying monitoring.

    Expertly Trained

    Our highly trained emergency crew is ready to assist you if you sustain water damage. Apex Water Restoration is aware of the possibility that you will be unable to mount an effective response, which is why we have taken the initiative to do so. Apex Water Restoration immediately takes action because we are aware that floods and water damage necessitate a quick response. If you have a broken copper water pipe at your house, it will take three days for clean water to enter your home, but it will take less than twenty-four hours for rainwater to enter your home.

    Quick Response Time

    It is important to act quickly because mildew can develop very quickly.

    When it is too late for most people, the leak finally comes to their attention. Anything submerged in flood water contaminated with sewage that has not been treated is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, to be saved.

    Apex Water Restoration can also remove potentially hazardous contaminants from the air and properly dispose of waste.

    Repair, cleaning, and restoration services for water damage emergencies are available around the clock.

    Although our skilled water restoration team will make the water clean-up process simple for you to go through, repairing water damage is both a stressful and traumatic experience. Our company has assisted tens of thousands of homeowners and business property owners in recovering from various water damage emergencies throughout history. When protecting the financial investment, you have made in your home, picking the right company with which to collaborate is of the utmost importance.


    Apex Water Restoration

    Water Damage Repair Techniques

    When you give us a call, our specialist will walk you through a series of questions that will assist us in providing an appropriate response to the water emergency you are experiencing. In addition to gaining an understanding of your circumstances, we will want to schedule a time for a qualified professional from Apex Water Restoration in your area to examine the affected property and devise a restoration strategy for you. Because a prompt response is necessary, we will want to schedule this as soon as possible.

        Examination and Evaluation of the Water Damage

        After our experts arrive at your residence, they will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the water damage and help you understand the extent of the damage, any potential dangers present, and what aspects of the damage can be restored. If it turns out to be necessary, we will also offer our assistance in putting a stop to the source of the water damage. All of these things constitute an essential step in developing an efficient plan of action that will lead to the successful restoration of your property.

        Water Removal

        In most cases, the work will start with comprehensive water removal. It helps prevent water from spreading throughout the structure and speeds up the drying process. During water removal, powerful pumps and extraction units are typically used to remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water.

        Elimination of Destroyed Materials

        You will be informed if any materials cannot be restored successfully. These materials are typically removed as soon as possible to expedite the drying of all restorable materials.

        Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Odor Removal

        The floors, furniture, and other personal belongings damaged by water may require cleaning, sanitizing, or deodorizing. To complete this essential step in the restoration process, the professionals at Apex Water Restoration make use of a wide range of products that have been specially formulated, equipment that is at the forefront of the industry, and tried and tested methods.


        After most of the water has been extracted, our professionals will use drying equipment that is the gold standard in the industry to extract the remaining water. It will target the water contained within materials to return them to their normal moisture level. This equipment is usually installed during the initial visit to your property. Your specific circumstances and industry norms will determine the quantity and composition of the necessary equipment.


        During the drying process, our specialists will want to visit your property daily to help ensure materials are drying properly, check drying equipment performance, and make changes as needed. This monitoring process is essential to ensuring that the drying of your property is carried out effectively and efficiently.

        Repairs and Construction

        Following these preliminary actions, your house may require construction work to be returned to its condition before the loss. Repairs can range from relatively minor touchups to a complete overhaul of entire sections of your home. We can make the restoration process more manageable by taking care of the initial damage mitigation and rebuilding the damaged areas. You can save time and money by working with a single, qualified company.


        1. If it is required, turn off the water supply to your home.
        2. Turn off the power to the areas that are affected.
        3. Electronics and other electric appliances and devices should be unplugged and removed from the affected area.
        4. Take out the furniture and any other items that are easily portable.
        5. Take photos of any water damage and losses of personal property.

        To pose a significant risk of water damage to your home or business, it only takes a few inches of water to be present. Apex Water Restoration’s prompt and dependable water damage restoration services have the potential to significantly mitigate the negative consequences of any water damage that may have occurred. When you need service the most, our specialists in water damage are available around the clock, every day of the year, so that they can quickly fix the problem (if it applies) and prevent any further water damage from occurring.

        Suppose your home or place of business has been damaged by water. In that case, the professionals at Apex Water Restoration have the expertise to restore it to its previous state as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a water damage company, call them. Your call will always be answered by a real person who works for Apex Water Restoration’s customer service department, regardless of the time of day. They will dispatch an expert as soon as possible to assess the water damage and determine the most effective way to proceed.

        Before beginning the water restoration and cleanup process, they first determine the kind of water they will be working with because doing so helps ensure their safety.

        Our technicians will perform water extraction, remove contents and structures that cannot be salvaged, clean the affected areas, apply disinfecting agents, remove odors, and dry the structure. Before we begin our work, we will take photos of the damage to your property as well as the contents of your home. These photos will be taken during the restoration process and after we have finished our work.

        Apex Water Restoration experts are also taught to create drying log data for your insurance company, allowing your claim to be processed quickly and accurately. This service ensures that your complaint is processed as soon as possible.

        The degree to which your home and its contents were damaged by water will determine how long it will take to clean and dry everything. The water restoration process may be finished in as little as two days or take as long as a week. In the last process of cleaning up the water damage, the drying equipment and air sanitizers will be left at your residence or business.

        Our advanced equipment is removed only after temperature, moisture content, and moisture running tests confirm that affected regions have been cleaned to approved standards. You won’t have to worry about the bill during this trying time because Apex Water Restoration will submit it directly to your insurance company. It will be one less thing for you to worry about.

        WHY CHOOSE US?


        Experience and expertise

        You want to work with a water restoration company that knows what they’re doing. You’ve come to the right place. Apex Water Restoration has the skills and expertiese to ensure your property is safe. Our experience is what sets us apart and we do the job right the first time.


        High-quality equipment

        The process of water removal from a home or business requires the use of special equipment. As you can imagine, not all equipment is created equal. At Apex Water Restoration, we ensure the equipment we use is top notch and highly rated.


        Customer service

        We know that communication and great customer service is the thing that sets any business apart. Our professionals are dedicated to giving you the best customer service experience you can get. We know you have options, and we treat every customer as part of our family.


        Competitive pricing

        Getting the price right is important. In fact, pricing our jobs fairly and competitively is something we work hard to get right. We work with your insurance and make sure that we can get your water problem resolved quickly, and fairly.

        What They Say

        Customer Testimonials

        Busted pipes are the worst! We had ours bust from the freeze and had a lot of damage. Thanks to Apex Water Restoration for taking care of our problem quickly!

        Kate Leonard

        Best company for water damage. They got to us the same day and began drying out our home. It could've been worse, but with their quick response, thankfully it wasn't.

        Ed Crawford

        Panic ensued when we found the leak in our shower. Unfortunately the damage had already been done. Apex came out and did the demo and got our space dried out so we could get it repaired. Thanks!

        Alex Wright

        Friendswood, TX

        Apex Water Restoration

        We offer straight-forward pricing and free quotes on all of our jobs!


        Find the Answers to Your Water Damage Restoration Questions Here

        A Water Restoration specialist can answer any of the questions you may have regarding water intrusion in your home or building. 

        Apex Water Restoration in Friendswood, TX has technicians who can provide the answers you need. Call us today for a free quote!


        How do you assess the extent of water damage in a property?

        The magnitude of the damage. Is the flooding confined to a single room, or has it spread to other parts of the house? The water damage restoration process is simple if the water has pooled on a hard surface and has not yet seeped through the walls or floorboards. Going further into the structure will require more extensive water damage restoration work.


        What tools and equipment are used during a water damage assessment?

        It is the first step in the water damage restoration process, and doing it correctly the first time saves time and money. It includes inspecting the home or building for water damage and determining the extent of the damage with specialized equipment like hygrometers and moisture detectors.


        How long does a water damage assessment take?

        This step can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the extent of the water damage. If the water damage is severe, professional restoration services may be required to assess the situation and determine what needs to be replaced. Cleaning and sanitizing the place.


        Can you provide an estimate for the cost of water damage restoration based on the assessment?

        The average water damage restoration cost will differ depending on the type and extent of repairs required. In most cases, a professional can estimate repair costs in advance based on the assessment they make at the site when they first arrive to deal with the problem.


        Is it necessary to conduct a water damage assessment even if the damage appears minor?

        When you discover damage, take pictures of everything you can and contact your insurance company to see if your policy covers the damage. Please don't put it off.

        Remember that it takes time for the wood to rot and mold to grow, so keep an eye out in the days and weeks following a storm for signs of swelling or warping wood, flaking paint, and musty odors or other off-odors - these are all signs of water damage and mold.


        Can you help me with the insurance claim process after a water damage assessment?

        Yes! Seeking help with your water damage insurance claim is critical to following all policy provisions and avoiding having your claim denied.

        Apex Water Restoration can point you in the right direction for water mitigation and cleanup services. Our expert public adjusters will work with you to maximize your water damage insurance claim. Allow us to assist you in reclaiming your life and receiving the compensation you deserve.


        What methods are used to extract water from a property?

        First, the water source must be turned off, whether it is by turning off the main water line, repairing a pipe, replacing a sump pump, or tarping a leaking roof.

        The standing water and any wet furnishings, carpet, or other porous materials can be removed with pumps or wet vacuums.

        Finally, dehumidifiers, fans, and desiccants can be brought in to remove any remaining moisture while moisture meters monitor the process.


        How long does water extraction typically take?

        The time it takes to extract water is determined by the amount of water, the type of surface, and the equipment used. It could take several hours to several days.


        Can water extraction prevent mold growth?

        Water extraction can aid in the prevention of mold growth by removing excess moisture that mold requires to grow. It is not, however, a guarantee that mold will not grow. Mold can grow as little as 24-48 hours after water damage, so acting fast is critical to preventing mold growth. The best way to avoid mold growth is to dry out the affected area and repair the source of the water damage within 24-48 hours. If you have a large amount of water damage, hiring a professional to assist you with cleaning and restoration is best.


        What is the process for drying out a property after water damage?

        It is critical to be thorough during the drying process, as many things can potentially retain water that is not visible at first. The attic is a good example of this. Insulation is easily soaked and thus loses its effectiveness. Wet boxes or storage can cause cracks in the ceiling below.

        To begin, open the windows in this or any other room of your home to promote natural airflow, but professionals will bring additional equipment to assist in this process. Air movers are large fans that help circulate airflow throughout a room. Furthermore, the same dehumidifiers used to prevent mold growth after the initial cleanup serve a similar purpose during the dry-out stage. Furthermore, keeping the environment dry reduces the likelihood of swollen or warped floors and furniture.

        Taking the time to inspect every part of the affected area for moisture, on the other hand, tends to slow down the drying process the most. We already mentioned insulation, but molding, backboards, and wallpaper must all be removed to remove trapped moisture. Wallpaper may be a surprise here, but it does so because it forms a "seal" that keeps moisture in the wall. Drilling holes in the drywall to help it dry out faster is another powerful but necessary method.

        Containment is another final step in the dry-out process concurrently with this other work. Wet areas in the home will be taped off while drying to ensure that heat and suction are directed to the rooms that require it the most. The dry-out crew will also inspect the surfaces and the readings to determine how well the drying is going. When it's finished, you can redesign the room to make it livable again.


        Is it safe to occupy a property during structural drying?

        No. It is unsafe to occupy a property while structural drying occurs. Depending on the size of the damage, the process can take days to weeks, and the equipment used to dry the structure can be noisy and disruptive.

        Furthermore, the process can produce a lot of dust and debris, which can be hazardous to your health.


        What types of repairs are typically needed after water damage?

        • Water-damaged drywall and other structural elements must be removed.
        • Removing and disposing of floor covering
        • Subfloor replacement or restoration
        • Mold growth removal and encapsulation (mold remediation)
        • Window and door repair or replacement
        • Repairing a damaged roof
        • Moisture testing to ensure that the property and all of its elements are completely dry


        Can all water-damaged materials be restored?

        Several factors influence the decision to restore water-damaged materials. Some of the factors influencing the decision are as follows

        Waer Damage Type: While some water exposure is acceptable, such as clean water from a water supply line, others are not.

        Items with upholstered fabrics, wood, and drywall can be recovered from clean water damage if they are recovered quickly.

        Saturation Time: The time items remain in water determines whether they are restored or discarded.

        Replacement Costs: The difference between the cost of replacing an item and the cost of restoring it.

        It is critical to note that a professional restoration service provider should handle the restoration process because many techniques must be used for success.


        What causes odors after water damage?

        Mold is the most common factor contributing to the smell of water damage. Mold grows best in environments that are humid, warm, and dark.

        Your home will need to have the afflicted area dried out and the mold professionally cleaned before any attempt at deodorization will be successful.

        Mold is a food source for bacteria that feast on the waste it creates. It can cause the structure of your home to become more vulnerable and is the root cause of a significant amount of the unpleasant odor that results from water damage.

        Once the moisture source has been eliminated, the mold will perish independently, allowing the process to move more quickly.


        How can odors be removed after water damage?

        To help absorb unwanted scents, place open containers loaded with vinegar or baking soda around your home. After a water damage incident, handling the mold and odor problem will result in a fresh-smelling home.

        Use odor elimination solutions with a residual benefit activated by moisture from humidity as one solution, or contact Apex Water Restoration for assistance.


        How long does it take to clean and restore content damaged by water?

        Timelines for restoration can differ depending on the type of water involved in the damage (clean water vs. toxic black water) and the overall severity. Though they try to work swiftly, some insurance firms might also contribute to restoration service delays. It is reasonable to expect major damage to take many weeks to fix.


        What is the process for content cleaning and restoration?

        Content cleaning and restoration is when a professional content restorer cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes goods damaged by smoke, sewage, mildew, or water. Taking an inventory of your goods and important possessions, carefully packing and securing your items, transporting everything packed to a secure facility to be cleaned, and then washing, disinfecting, and deodorizing the items using sophisticated procedures are all part of the process.


        Do you clean and restore electronics that have been damaged by water?

        Indeed, after water damage, electronics, telecommunications equipment, and fiber optic connections can be restored. Cleaning products that target water and trapped moisture might be used to repair the damage. After removing moisture, components can be cleaned to remove oil, grease, soot, dirt, and other soils.


        Is content cleaning and restoration covered by insurance?

        The type of insurance policy you have determines the coverage for contents cleaning and restoration. Typical liability insurance policies, such as a Businessowners Policy (BOP) or a Commercial General Liability (GL) policy, may not completely or adequately cover both structure and contents repair operations completely or adequately.

        You should check with your insurance company if your policy includes content cleaning and restoration. You can also work with an insurance-approved content cleaning and restoration business to assist you with your content cleaning and restoration needs.


        What is the response time for 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services?

        Flooding and water-related emergencies Several businesses may not adhere to typical business hours. Apex Water Restoration offers 24-hour emergency water restoration services seven days a week, including all holidays. Day or night, you can count on a rapid answer.


        Can you help with water damage that occurs outside of normal business hours?

        Yes, we can assist you with water damage that occurs after regular business hours. Apex Water Restoration offers emergency water restoration services 24/7, including holidays. Day or night, you can count on a fast answer.


        Can documents be saved after water damage?

        Yes, many individuals are unaware that paper files, documents, and books can be saved after water damage. One of the most typical requests for document recovery is to save medical and legal documents. Physical, signed documents are required by law in numerous states.


        What types of documents can be salvaged through document drying after water damage?

        Birth certificates, marriage certificates, letters, tax returns, and other crucial paperwork can be saved after water damage.

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